9-й Форум сотрудничества «Республика Корея — Центральная Азия»

leejongwon: Сегодня в Сеуле прошел 9-й Форум сотрудничества «Республика Корея — Центральная Азия». Форум состоялся на уровне заместителей глав министерств иностранных дел с участием представителей Южной Кореи, Казахстана, Узбекистана, Туркменистана, Кыргызстана и Таджикистана.


Напомню, что данный форум, инициированный Республикой Корея, проходит ежегодно с 2007 года. Он направлен на укрепление и расширение сотрудничества в сферах экономики, информационно-коммуникационных технологий, строительства и транспорта, науки, культуры, образования, туризма, а также обмен опытом между Республикой Корея и странами Центральной Азии. В следующем году форум состоится на уровне глав министерств иностранных дел шести стран.

Полный текст Сеульской декларации, принятой сегодня на 9-м Форуме сотрудничества «Республика Корея — Центральная Азия» (на английском языке)

The 9th Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum
The Seoul Declaration
Seoul, October 5, 2015

1. The 9th Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum (hereinafter referred to as the “Forum”) was held in Seoul on October 5, 2015. Government delegations led by Senior Officials on the level of Deputy Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan, participated in the Forum along with representatives from the business, academic, and cultural sector of each participating country.

2. The five participating Central Asian countries reaffirmed their support for the Korean government’s Eurasia Initiative, which seeks to promote co-prosperity and cooperation between the Republic of Korea(hereinafter, referred to as “Korea”) and the Central Asian region.

3. Under the theme of “Eurasia Initiative: Promoting Connectivity between Korea and Central Asia”, the participating countries discussed ways to increase cooperation and connectivity between Korea and Central Asia in diverse areas including: establishing an ICT-based national land information system; utilizing traditional cultural contents; facilitating trade through cooperation on customs administration; and developing cooperation models in the area of healthcare and medical service.

4. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1992, Korea and the five Central Asian countries have continued to expand bilateral exchange and cooperation in many areas, building on their strategic and geographical importance, complementary economic structures, and cultural similarities. To realize the potential of mutually beneficial cooperation and bolster comprehensive and multi-faceted partnerships, Korea and the five Central Asian countries have held the Forum annually since 2007.

5. The Forum, which has been held nine times so far, serves as an important platform for active discussions based on mutual respect and reciprocity on various issues including energy and infrastructure, transportation and logistics, science and technology, ICT, textile, forestry, agriculture, environment, healthcare, and social and cultural issues. It has successfully taken root as a regular multilateral cooperation mechanism by helping to expand substantive and future-oriented cooperation for the mutual prosperity of participating countries.

6. In view of the need to expand multilateral cooperation among the participating countries and to reaffirm their mutual commitment to achieving this objective, Korea and the five Central Asian countries have shared recognition of the necessity to strengthen the structure of the Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum, including joint efforts to establish its Secretariat. The participating countries decided to closely cooperate on the issue of the official launch of the Secretariat on the occasion of the 10th Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum.

7. Korea and the five Central Asian countries agreed that the 10th Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum will be held at the Ministerial level to mark the 10th anniversary of the Forum in 2016.

8. Korea and the five Central Asian countries concurred to hold the 10th Forum in 2016 in Korea and to consider holding the subsequent Forums in one of the five Central Asian countries in odd-numbered years and in Korea in even-numbered years.

9. Recognizing that the Forum’s development is important to all participating countries, Korea and the five Central Asian countries reaffirmed their commitment to making concerted efforts for the feasible and gradual development of the Secretariat.

Источник: https://leejongwon.livejournal.com/1251595.html – https://www.korea.kr/policy/pressReleaseView.do?newsId=156078456

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