Martin von den Driesch: продолжение проекта «Россия – Корея 2014» – “70 лет Освобождения Кореи”

Участники автопробега "Россия - Корея 2014" Ким von Den Driesch Юлия и Мартин von Den Driesch

Участники автопробега “Россия – Корея 2014” Ким von Den Driesch Юлия и Мартин von Den Driesch

Martin von den Driesch, фотограф, один из участников незабываемого автопробега “Россия – Корея 2014”, посвященного 150-летнему проживанию корейцев в России, под впечатлением прошлогоднего опыта, решил осуществить новый проект – побывать и рассказать в этом году, в год 70-летия Освобождения Кореи, в двух столицах – Сеуле и Пхеньяне, – пересечь 38- параллель, в этот раз с Юга на Север и создать книгу.

О своем проекте Martin von den Driesch пишет на сайте

A photo documentation on life in Pyongyang and Seoul

Martin von den Driesch


In summer 2014, I was a member of a Russo-Korean peace expedition which travelled by car all the way from Moscow to Pyongyang and finally achieved an historic goal: we became the first group of travelers allowed to cross the – usually completely closed – DMZ on our way from Pyongyang to Seoul!

This year, I want to try to travel the reverse way, from Seoul to Pyongyang, ideally again directly via the DMZ (or, in case this doesn’t work out, by plane from China).

The idea is to spend about 10 days in both, Seoul and Pyongyang, to chronicle life in these two cities. The financial target shall cover the travel expenses and the production of a photo exhibition (incl. a magazine-style catalogue) as well as the development of a book dummy by a professional book designer, see details below.

  • I am a documentary photographer with nearly 20 years experience
  • In summer 2014, I was the 1st Western photographer who crossed the demilitarized zone between North- and South Korea (summer 2014).
  • 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of Korean independence and is therefore an important year. On this occiasion I would like to photograph life in both capitals, Pyongyand and Seoul.
  • The ideal travel Route for me would be from Seoul directly to Pyongyang, via the DMZ, just as we did in 2014 from North to South. In case this won’t work out, I plan to stay at first approx. 10 days in Seoul, and then travel by plane to Pyongyang.
Please help me to realize this important project on Korea!

Financial breakdown

Here an overview on what will be done with the money. The financial goal of 25,000 USD allows me

  • to travel and photograph approximately 10 days in each, in Seoul and Pyongyang (approx. 3 weeks total)
  • to make a selection of at least 40-50 images for fine-art gallery printing and to show them in an exhibtion 
  • to get a beautiful magazine-style catalogue for the exhibition printed
  • to develop a book draft in collaboration with a renowned book designerand have a first set of 10 dummies printed (NOTE: the print of complete book edition would require at least an additional 5,000 USD. For this, we plan a separate crowdfunding project at a later point. Of course, it would be fantastic to receive this amount already with this pledge, in which case we would immediately continue with the full book production!)

Why you should support the project

  • only with your help we can realize this photo project on both Koreas
  • you get a unique insight into the a usually closed society of North Korea, plus views on vibrant Seoul
  • I have successfully completed 3 crowdfunding projects in the past (on German platform www.startnext,de)
  • you will receive individual gifts in return!
Last but not least: please share this project with friends! Thank you very much.
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